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We had the honour to create custom awards for the Economic Developers Council of Ontario. 

'EDCO will provide leadership to enhance the professional development of its members; advance economic development as a profession and support our municipalities in fostering economic prosperity in the province of Ontario.'

I believe this tree is a great representation of this province. It symbolizes growth, life and purpose. From a small sapling it grew into massive walnut tree. Providing generations of shade, oxygen and food with its enormous canopy. Producing an average of 2000 walnuts every year of which a quarter will get a chance to grow and continue the trees legacy. Even in death this trees legacy is honoured through these awards and furniture that will exist for lifetimes to come. 

These awards are hand crafted using old growth, Ontario black walnut that was salvaged from a downed tree located behind the Brantford Armoury. This walnut tree is estimated at between 160-180 years old, which means it was germinated before Ontario was a province.